firefox slow

Why is firefox so slow and how to deal with it

The article will cover the main problems and common errors of software and how to run the situation properly with discovered firefox slow performance.

First steps to make your software work better

You might use different Internet browsers to manage your daily Internet activities. When one of the methods is slower you will surely come to another one to feel the better performance. If you have one browser and it is rather slow, it may cause problems with getting important data in time. If you’re running Firefox as your main searching digital tool, it is easy to overcome the situation and operate your network activities with ease.

The problem might be concerned about the updated version. If your software isn’t updated, it might use temporary bugs causing speedy issues. The latest item is ready to deal with the concerns properly. Take into consideration that restarted Firefox will work smoother. Restart your device before going on to further troubleshooting. If internet performance isn’t changing in comparison to other software, you have to operate the following issues.

Firefox is loading slow

Once you have installed your software, it may take time to load the program properly. To force you Firefox you have to move forward to the next steps:

  • Select the Menu button and click on the Options.
  • Jump directly to the Preferences.
  • Go to the General tab.
  • View whether there isn’t an error with the default browser (otherwise, it will take time to ask about changing your default browser when you open it).
  • Restore your last session (browsing page might be heavy because of restoring previous sessions).
  • Look for the Home tab.
  • Set the Blank Page (it will always open the new page not to load default items and errors).

Software manages too much RAM\

If you’re operating Firefox as your main browser for a certain period, your software might use much RAM onto your device. To overcome challenges you should run Safe Mode. It will help to handle your particular browser without loading ads. To take advantage of using Safe Mode you should:

  • Jump to the Menu panel.
  • Select Help restarting with Disabled Ads.
  • Restart your browser.
  • Choose Start in Safe Mode.
  • Hold Shift (to ensure it is fast enough and boost its speed).

If Firefox is starting faster, the problem is concerned about ads or plugins. To monitor and detect the indicator you have to run Task manager. Keeping it open makes the problem visible and you will discover which ad is taking much memory. You should disable these activities to come up with the solution. Select from Remove and Never activate to be sure it won’t load on your own. Limiting open tabs would be appreciating not to make them open at once, especially to remember the resource-heavy websites.